Thursday, February 13, 2014

Off to Mexico!

Woohoo!! I am off on a holiday! First we had to take a ferry to Vancouver (dropping off Daisy the dog along the way). And then... can you imagine... we had to leave for the airport at 2:30 am!! Ugh... At least there was hardly any traffic on the roads.

And nobody at the airport either! We had to wait until 3 am and then we would be able to check in...

Time for a bit of breakfast...

And then I got tucked away in to the backpack so we could go through security...

It was Chinese New Year the day before so... there was lots of Chinese decorations everywhere.

Our flight is listed! We are going to Puerto Vallarta...

Another fearsome dragon!

But this bear looks way more friendly!

I am the departure gate... the first one here! Do you think I'm excited to go?

I am also beary tired though... time for a nap.

The flight was not super exciting. I thought I saw Mount Rainier go by below our wings. Little Fox is down there somewhere...

The resort I am going to is an all-inclusive so the ground transportation was provided... It is nice and warm down here.

There are lots of buses leaving for various places... I can't wait to get to our resort!

Because I am sooooo tired....  time for a rest!


  1. enjoy your vacation Sandy! I just got back from some warm weather as well. Do you have plans to go snorkeling?

    1. Thanks Ajdin! I saw your posting and it looks like you had a great time. No plans to go snorkeling... just sunbathing and chilling on the beach.

  2. Hope you got all rested for you travels so you didn't fall asleep while sunbathing.
    Nothing worse than getting a sunburn on you first day of Winter escape vacation.
    We are so tired of Polar vortex's, snow & ice. They are predicting ice on Monday here. Grrrrrr!

  3. I have never been to the Vancouver airport but it’s beary quiet. One of my roommates would like that a-lot, me personally I like the action of a busy airport.

    Glad to see you had a chance to stop by Starbucks before you headed out, it’s always good to load up on provisions before a long flight. Did you check your bag with your honey in it or did you carry it on yourself? I usually carry on my bags sometimes humans make mistakes that could damage a honey or hot chocolate supply.

    Mexico looks beary relaxing. I think that after all of your adventures with Daisy and Sebastian you need a holiday to relax….although knowing you I imagine you will get out and do some exploring as well.