Thursday, February 27, 2014

Here comes the Sun!

At last the snow has stopped!! And the sun came out...

So nice... now the snow is melting and everything is a sloppy mess out there...

But that's OK, because the kitchen reno still needs work. I am supervising the last bit of flooring that needs to be put down.

Just one more piece!!!

Yay!!! I am done!! 

Hmmm... now we just need some baseboards and the stove and fridge to come back to their rightful places. I is a beary tired little bear... need honey... or hot chocolate... or something!

Monday, February 24, 2014

How to anger the god of Winter...

I have crocuses in my front yard! Yay!! They are coming up through the grass... what a cool surprise!

Aren't they cute??

On another note... We went back to the snowdrop patch we had seen down by the river and dug up a couple of clumps... well, the humans did the hard work. I just supervised (a beary important job).

Oh they are so cute...

And now they are in our garden waiting for a permanent home! Oh yes... that is left-over snow in the background!

Yes, well... that was last week. Apparently my enthusiasm over spring angered the gods of winter... sigh...

We had snow on the weekend... which started off nice and cute...

And then got worse... We got a lot of snow! Heavy, wet snow... I had to break my winter gear out of the closet!

My goodness...

The snow is almost up to my armpits!

And I had to dig deep to find the snow drops we just transplanted! Sigh... Oh, and that's my Canada scarf that Jerry & Ben gave me for Christmas. I wore it on Sunday morning for the gold medal hockey game. A little bear's cheering counts for a lot you know!

By the next morning... well... The snow is now deeper than my armpits... but quite a lot!

Luckily I am a svelte little bear and can walk on top of the snow (more or less).

This is my garlic bed... they are 2 inches tall... but you can't tell.

And that's the plum tree (the pruned one)... They say another 6" of snow before the day ends... and then it will switch to rain. Where are my rubber boots?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Kitchen update

Hullo! This is where I am at supervising the kitchen makeover... This is what it looked like before we bought it...

The cabinets are now painted white! They were the same colour as the wall before which was... beary blah. Walls are going to be palest yellow... coming soon.

Apparently the walls used to be blue way back when... and some people don't remove outlet covers before they painted! I found this packet of marigold seeds tucked under the wall behind the baseboards... Jerry, do you think they are still any good? The packet says 1982 which Mama says is not that long ago... until she thought about it a bit. That's like back in the Middle Ages!

Hmmm... the stove got pulled out and apparently that's what the cabinets looked like when they were new... ick.

And now all the linoleum is pulled up... nail holes are spackled and just waiting for it to dry to be sanded, etc. etc.

I is doing a beary good job of supervising!

Teknikal Isshues...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mail Call!

Hullo!! I woke up this morning and found mail for me! Mama said it came yesterday but she forgot to give it to me... can you believe it!?

It's from Jerry & Ben... a Valentine's Day card - Thanks guys! It seemed to take a long time to get here but that's the postal service sometimes.

Our house is in the throes of a kitchen makeover (not for any TV show)... there is new flooring going in...

And the cabinets and walls are getting painted. Right now both the cabinets and walls are the same beige colour... ick... The cabinets are going to be painted white and the walls will be palest of yellows.  What with the blue counter top (not getting replaced)... I think it will have a very French-Country feel!

I would show you more but Mama says "no way hozay"... hmmmm...

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pruning the Plum Tree

Hullo!! Today I am going to learn how to prune our beary overgrown plum tree! That's it down below... It is a beary sad plum tree with some big old dead branches and some young growth. It does make the tastiest plums in the whole wide world so we are going to give it a new lease on life... we hope.

First... you need to get your tools together. Mama had a buddy from out of town who brought his chainsaw... and a pair of loppers. Alas, the chainsaw did not work so it was down to the loppers, the pruning saw and some clippers. Mama was the tree monkey so she has beary sorry arms right now.

 With all the branches coming off the tree, somebody had to cut them up into smaller pieces (for our outdoor firepit of course)!

That took several days and since the buddy took his loppers back home with him... we bought our own pair. They are THE coolest thing ever. At least according to the humans. They are a bit too big for me to wield with any sort of precision! But we have numerous piles of twiglets around the yard and a hefty pile of branches. Now if we only had the firepit built.

This is what the tree looks like now... at least part of it. I know it looks scary but apparently it has to look worse before it can look better. Next project... the pear tree.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I got out for a walk today and the sunshine made it feel like springtime! It was +10 C! And look what I found out there... snowdrops!

They are soooo cute! They were down by a creek and growing in clumps... Hmmm, maybe we should transplant a clump to my garden!

I know some of my stuffie pals are still up to their ear-tips in snow but... spring is coming!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Fun at the Resort

Another day at the beach!

Today there were all sorts of bird tracks on the sand...

Possibly from this bird who is pecking for burrowing creatures I think...

I met some animals in my room too... towel animals! This one is a rabbit...

And I think this one is a rabbit too...

This one is definitely a swan!

The food was great the resort too... they had cold-smoke salmon!!! Oh yuummmmm!!!!

I would have had more pictures... except Mama's camera (the old one) gave up the ghost and the lens wouldn't come out... oh well! It was a great trip! The temperature was about 28C everyday (that is 82F) which was sooo nice! I didn't leave the resort... just sat there and soaked up some sun... little bears need to do that every once in a while you know...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Beach Time in Mexico

Ohhh... it is so nice to wake up somewhere warm and sunny!

This resort looks beary nice and I am excited to go out and check out the pool and beach.

Hmmm... the pool looks like it meets with my approval.

These are the flags for the beach today.... yellow and white...

That means "Caution" and "Jelly fish and Rays" might be around... Hmm! But the flags didn't really change the whole time we were there so....

Ahhh.... this is the life!! A nice little lounge chair under a palapas sun-shade.

I like this beach! It is different from the one on the Riviera Maya....

There are way more waves here....

Hmmm... I don't think I'll be going in the water - I'll leave that to the humans!

It's nice to sit and listen to the waves and watch the people go boogie-boarding.

This beach is called Bucerias Beach - it's north of Puerto Vallarta...

It goes on for a beary long way...