Thursday, December 12, 2013

Super-long Hike

I was so excited this morning! We were going on a hike!! Yay! Which involved a car ride... and as we were driving along, I saw this sign... (I think there are going to be some Jerry nose-prints on the computer screen)... Yes! There is a honey place near here. But did we stop? Nooooo!!!!

Phooie... Mama said we had to maximize the short daylight hours and get hiking... sigh... OK... if we have to!

Oh, it's nice here... and sunny too, which is good.

There's the trail starting point...

Huh... I am not a pet so this doesn't apply to me!

And we are hiking...

Oh... nice view over the water!

It is so fun to be by the ocean, there are so may interesting things to see.

Like this weird erosion pattern in the rock...

And look! It is a beached jellyfish.

It was still moving a little bit...

So Mama flipped it in to the water with her shoe... maybe it will make it?

Those are log booms out there... with seagulls squawking up a storm.

Can you guess what this tower is?

It's a light beacon with solar power...

The seagulls are beary standoffish here...

This is what we came to see! This is a narrow passage between two islands and when the tides are changing, you can get a 6-8 knot current running through here. It can be fun going through with the current... not so fun in the other direction!

We watched some seagulls float down with the tidal current... they were having fun!

Oh and do you see??? Way up in that tree??? It's a bald eagle!

That's supposed to be a good omen when you see one... means all is well in your world...

But you still have to watch where you are walking! Luckily these are not abyss fissures like that other hike!

This log must have escaped from the log boom corral...

Whew... that was a super-long hike and I am one tuckered out little bear! Time for a nap in the back of the truck... Those shopping bags sure make a soft... zzzzz.....


  1. What a nice hike. Too bad you could not stop for honey afterward, you know kind of a post-hike reward. I didn't know about the bald eagle being good luck....periodically my roommate sees eagles near his work. Right now he can hear a whole bunch of flying Canadian tourists.

    1. I know!! I need to get some little honey packets for snacks... you know, like humans have granola bars!

  2. Looks like a beary nice hike Sandy! We have too much snow now and the weather is too cold for hiking (it was even -19 the other day with wind chill, brrrr). Luckily we have fun!

    "Did someone say honey?" Jerry

    1. WOW, -19 is beary cold! Does Jake have any winter outfits?

    2. -19 F is... let me see... (furrowed bear brow)... -28C!! Whoa!! That is beary cold!! Where's the honey? Who's got honey?

  3. Beautiful new header photos! Sandy looks all ready for Christmas!

    1. Thanks guys! I have a few other festive outfits that I can wear too...