Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gnomes, Squirrels & Ducks

I got to go on another hike today! Excellent...

Hmmm... apparently people need to take precautions around little bears - heh-heh!

What??? Gnomes!!?? Here??? Cool!!!

They're apparently along this trail... 10 of them! Let's see how many I can find...

Oh this one is cute!! That is a beary nice little door. I wish Mama would make me a door too!

Oh... there's a big black squirrel... wonder if he's seen any gnomes?

Some of them are easy to find because they have signs pointing to them!

This one has a beautiful green door!

And this one too!

This door is Hammie-Red with a Beanie-Blue frame! They are the perfect size for Beanie and Hammie too... a little too small for me! Guess gnomes are small...

And look! They even have some doggie treats available... I think they should have a honey pot available for little bears. Then the bears would be happy and people wouldn't need to take precautions around them!

There's a small pond here too... it's supposed to have beavers in it... but maybe they are all in their winter sleep?

Ducks too!! They have such pretty green heads!

They had come out of the pond to take a look at us. I think they were looking for a hand-out of bread but... I didn't know they were here so didn't bring anything! Maybe next time... although bread isn't a great food for ducks... so not sure what to bring them!


  1. What a great hike! Those gnome houses look cute, was anyone home? The Bears Sighted sign obviously refers to you Sandy, it's a word of caution to other hikes that there may be crowds around you, looking to get their photos take with you and asking for your autograph! At least that's what Ben thinks.

  2. Well, I would think the crowds would be around the gnomes but... there was nary a gnome to be found. Do you really think people would want my autograph?? Oooh... must practice my handwriting!

    1. All the gnomes must be out Christmas shopping and stocking up on groceries for the winter!

    2. Beary likely... the stores are crazy and gnomes would be beary hard to see amidst them all.

  3. Looks like a beary nice day for a hike, what a cool idea to have a hike around gnome homes. This hike seemed to gave something for everyone. Personally, I have never seen a black squirrel (I have so much to experience). I googled what to feed ducks and it said grapes, corn and barley. Actually that sounds pretty good to me as well.

    1. We have the regular little red ones as well, but there are massive black and grey ones that seem to muscle all the other squirrels out.
      Good to know what to feed ducks!