Sunday, December 22, 2013

Exploring Penang

We are going off on an adventure today! Sebastian says he has some special places to show us...

First up is Kek Lok Si, a Buddhist Temple which is also known as the Turtle Temple. It is apparently the largest Buddhist temple in SE Asia!

Oh... do we have to climb up all those stairs???
Yes we do! Oh... this is hard work for little bears...

But we managed it...

There are turtle ponds here! Look at them all...

They don't look beary large but then... maybe the big ones are hiding in the water.

I think they are looking for a handout.

Ooooh... there is a lot of gold here... and a lot of Chinese writing too. Malaysia has a lot of people of Chinese descent.

This is a huge complex and there is a lot to see...

Sebastian says it is lucky we came here now because at Chinese New Year it is an absolute zoo!

Whew... and we are leaving again...

Sitting in the lap of a Buddha... we are going to be wise little bears!

In the evening we went to the night market... it was dark out...

There were some rickshaws waiting for customers and we tried to convince the humans to rent us one so that our tired little bear paws could get a rest but... no luck... however...

Look at that!!! There is a rabbit stuffie getting his picture taken in the rickshaw too!!

WOW!!! I've never met another traveling stuffie in my travels!!! This guy is from Australia... we didn't catch his name but his Papa always takes him along on trips and sends pictures back to his kids back home... Cool!

Oh my goodness... there are so many stuffies here (not traveling ones though)...

And a mysterious stuffie that looks a bit like a squirrel but could be a beaver as well...

I met so many at the night market!

What a great day!!


  1. You met another traveling stuffie! How exciting! Those are some great photos of the temple. Jerry says all that gold looks like honey!

    1. Oh yes... it was beary exciting!! I didn't think of licking the gold to see if it was maybe hardened honey...

  2. What a cool adventure. Did you feed the turtles? If so, what do turtles eat?
    The view from the top looks amazing, I bet it was worth climbing all those stairs.

    1. Oh yes... they like green stuff and naan bread... think they must be vegetarians!

  3. Oh this looks so fun! I didn't know so many other animals like to travel also. How long will you be in Malaysia? Did you convince Sebastian to come home with you yet?

  4. Oh, we are coming home... or home already! Yup... Sebastian is here in Canada and still recovering from jet lag...