Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Surprise in a Hot Chocolate Shop...

Well, we are here to rent a car... did you know that they had Hertz over here? I didn't either... I don't think I'll get to drive because my legs are too short for the car... but I can be a great navigator!

And we're off!! We didn't get beary far before I was squeaking with excitement... my favourite hot chocolate shop!!

Please, please... puhleese!!!! We have to stop here! I can be a beary persuasive little bear and... we did stop.

Oh boy... it's a super big mall... beary fancy... I hope they have a map because I don't see the hot chocolate shop anywhere....

Ah-hah!! Success!! It's up there... let's go!

Oh this is exciting... I wonder if hot chocolate tastes the same as back home...

Well... there was a surprise in store for me. Instead of a regular barista, I was served by a little bear bearista! Oh my goodness... He has a beary long Malay name which I couldn't pronounce no matter how hard I tried... so he said I could call him Sebastian... which I thought was a beary nice name.

Sebastian showed me around the coffee shop... they have Malaysia mugs... I thought about getting Mama one but they beary heavy...

It turns out Sebastian was just finishing his shift. He asked his boss if he could take a few days off to serve as a tour guide for me! Isn't that cool?? He had never met a little bear from Canada... we chattered away and eventually tucked ourselves into the backpack.

Wheeee!!! We're going on an adventure!

First we explored the mall a bit. Sebastian showed me a shop that sold honey... that is a beary important thing for a little bear to know. See, when the humans take me on trips, they have no idea about the needs of little bears... whereas Sebastian knew immediately what I most wanted to buy... a stock of honey for the trip!

I like traveling with Mama's partner... we don't get stuffed into the bottom of the backpack with the zipper closed up... we get to stick our heads out...

Next Sebastian showed me some games in the mall... because little bears are rather playful you know...

And a fancy Malay restaurant... but they had no honey dishes...

Oh... oh my... there are tonnes of stuffies over here!! My goodness.... but no other little bears...

I mean this is a bear... but not a little bear... and not beary friendly either... he wouldn't share his Ferrerro Rocher chocolates with me!

These octopuses were advertising for something... maybe a bank? Whew... so much to see!

Well... that was a great little trip! Sebastian and I chattered the whole way back to the guesthouse. I'm glad he can speak English...

He tried to teach me some Malay words but... I'm not sure I'm going to learn much in the short time that we are here...

We were up til the wee-hours giggling and chatting. We eventually had to be told to "go to bed"!!! I was telling Sebastian about Canada and how cold it can be... he's never seen snow (can you imagine?)... so I was trying to describe snow... which is a beary hard thing to do!


  1. So cute! Hello to Sabastian! I'm glad you'll have a tour guide Sandy, we were a little worried about you wandering off by yourself while you're over there!

    1. Yes, a tour guide is a great thing, especially a local one. We are trying to cram a lot into this trip, so having a tour guide means we don't waste a lot of time getting lost!

    2. You are one smart traveler Sandy. You need your own travel show, like Rick Steves here in the U.S., so that you could give other little bears good travel tips on what to see, and of course where to eat!

    3. ***starry-eyed little bear***
      Oh!!! I can see it now! A Little Bear's Network complete with Ben's Cooking Channel, Jerry's Gardening Channel and Sandy's Travel Channel! And if we expand it to a Stuffies Network, Beanie could have his own Art Channel and Hammie could tell us all about backyard chickens! And Sullivan could do a Reading Channel... and I think Buttons would be great for a Sewing/Craft Channel!

    4. Oh, or blog pals network, because Beanie could do a great arts and crafts or scrapbooking show too! Jerry would definitely like to do gardening segments, and the weekly Looking for Honey show! hehe

    5. I think all of those shows would be awesome!

  2. Sebastian seems like a lucky little bear. Is there a hot chocolate shop where you live in Canada? Maybe he can transfer jobs from Malaysia Starbucks to one in Canada? I bet you he would like to see snow.

    PS - What a fancy mall.

    1. Yup, there is a hot chocolate shop near where we live... I think he would love to see snow although... the west coast is not necessarily the best place for that!

  3. It's nice making new friends. It's also great to have a local tour guide. I agree with Little Fox. Maybe he can ask his boss about an international work transfer to a Starbucks in Canada. By the way, you two look beary similar...hmm...

    1. Heh-heh... we are beary similar! We compared our family trees and we are 7th cousins twice removed which is beary complicated to map out but... and ***shhhh*** we are scheming on a plan for Sebastian!