Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Mystery of the Missing Bears

Hullo Bears and not-a-Bears!

As you may know, I entered the NaNoWriMo 2013 thingie (National Novel Writing Month). The goal is to write a novel (50,000 words) in a month... Now, it can be a bit stressful...
I am doing OK (so far!). Anyhow... I was wondering if some of you bears and not-a-bears could help my main protagonist character with his quest.
That's him!! Isn't he cute?? Yes, it's me... Sandy Bear. Anyhow... I am writing a semi-autobiographical story about a little bear named Sandy (that's me!) who is on a quest to discover The Mystery of the Missing Bears. You see... although I have a whole bunch of stuffie friends around the world... there aren't any other stuffie friends in Canada. Beary Mysterious! Plus, other than Jerry & Ben, (and their cousin Jake, whom we haven't seen in a coons age) there aren't any other little bears like me out there having adventures. And definitely no little girl bears! Super Mysterious. Were they abducted by space aliens?? My protagonist (that's me!) is beary perplexed and is on the hunt to solve the mystery.

So... as any good detective, Detective Sandy (that's me) is interviewing witnesses (that's you!)... What are your theories on this great mystery. Where are all the bears? Why aren't there more bears out there having adventures... Detective Sandy wants to know... His notebook is at the ready (as he gives his pencil a quick lick and looks expectantly at the screen)...


  1. We haven't encountered any other little bears like us either Sandy. Jake is busy playing sports, but he'll visit us for Christmas. Of course there are many other bears out there: Marlowe, Buttons, Bob T. and others, but no little ones like us (at least as far as we know). Jerry thinks we must be cousins, wouldn't that be beary cool!

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  3. Maybe they got abducted by the Queen's Guards in Buckingham Palace in an evil quest to have real bearskins for their hats. You know the fellas - wear red jackets and big hairy black hats and stomp up and down a lot.

    1. Yikes, that's scary. Glad I am a fox and not a bear (although I live with lots of bears who might be glad to be a bear and not a fox) :)

  4. Sandy,
    Having trouble posting my suggestions....check out my blog for a couple of ideas of where the bears are.
    Little Fox.

  5. I don't know, but I think bears, especially Canadian girl bears, are a little shy; especially if Sandy's mama is around....and she seems to be around a lot with Sandy. Maybe if Sandy was out on his own one day, he might find one of these illusive girl bears. It's beary possible. SMC.

  6. @Jerry & Ben - Ahh... Jake is a sporty guy... that makes sense. I wonder why there aren't more Canadian bears out there... sigh...

    @Little Fox - I saw your blog!! That is a super good theory... I wonder if I can sneak into the back of this coffee shop? They seem pretty security conscious here!

    @Beanie - OH!!! Do you think so?? Oh, I hadn't thought of that... Maybe there are evil zombie Guards out there abducting little bears? (That sounds like a Sullivan story!)

    @SMC - Well now... I hadn't though of that either! Hmmm... how to ditch Mama... and still get around.... hmmm...

  7. Hello Sandy, my name is Ajdin and I'm a bear also! I just started a blog recently so I hope we can be friends. :) Have a great day.


  8. @Ajdin - Hello! Cool name! I will check out your blog... I've never met a Bosnian Bear!