Friday, November 1, 2013

Sandy signs up for NaNoWriMo

Hullo bears and not-a-bears! I was bored earlier today because Mama was soooo busy. She should know better by now... I was wandering through the corridors of the internet and found this website called National Novel Writing Month... aka NaNoWriMo.

The idea is to write a 50,000 word novel between November 1 and November 30. Hmmmm... I've always wanted to write a novel! Maybe it could be my autobiography!! Or a novel of my adventures or...

The possibilities are endless! Mama is looking at me kind of askance because she did this in 2011 and stressed about it from Nov 1 to Nov 30... because to write 50,000 words means 1666.67 words/day. Ach! Easy peasy for a little bear!

Well... maybe not the typing bit... hmm... maybe I'll have to dictate to Mama and she can type it for me! I'm signing up for it! Let's start with a profile picture...

Ooohhh... that's good... and a title for my novel...

"T..h..e... A... where's the "d" Mama?" Hmmm... definitely need help with the typing!

There we go... it says I've been a member for 2 years but that's just Mama's info... p.s. I erased her name and put mine in instead! Now... a plot line... hmmm... ah... hmmm... mmmm...

Hmmm... Mama says I should start talking in coherent sentences otherwise these 50,000 words are going to be 50,000 hmmmm's!! I think I need some honey to get the creative juices going!


  1. "Once upon a Honeycomb, there was a Very Friendly Bear called Alexander MacKenzie Bear. (that's me!)........"

  2. Hah!! Good idea! No need to reinvent the wheel in getting started... Mama says I just need to start...

  3. Wow, Sandy, you are brave to sign up for this!
    I could never complete this task without a new
    secrabeary., a-hum to my current secrabeary.
    Good luck I hope you will be successful. I'm sure
    if you keep the honey in the story and your mouth and
    sticky paws off the keyboard you will be more successful
    in getting mama to help.

  4. Thanks Buttons! Mama is shaking her head wondering how she got sucked into this adventure! We'll see how it goes...

  5. We think you should write a series of Sandy Sherlock adventures! We love mystery stories!

  6. You are a brave and smart bear - I bet you can write a good novel.