Monday, November 4, 2013

NaNoWriMo - Day 4 Update

Uh-oh... I am behind!! I didn't do any writing (narrating) yesterday and now we are behind... Luckily I convinced Mama to get cracking on typing up my monologue so we did get something done today, but we are still behind on the word count by 700 words. Ahh!! Mama is nodding sagely and saying "I told you so... this is how it goes!" I will have to stay on top of this.
Mama also wants me to say... what? **whisper, whisper** Oh alright!

Mama wants me to tell you.... **whisper whisper**

OK, I want to tell you that this is still a ROUGH draft and there are plot inconsistencies and what-not so it isn't quite ready to be shared yet.

But really, Mama isn't sure yet where I am going with this story so... she's a bit of a perfectionist and doesn't want me to get laughed off the screen. Well, that's going to happen anyhow once I show off my tailor-made Vietnamese clothes! Sigh... yes, they are coming soon...


  1. You'll be the beary best-dressed bear around! Can't wait to see your togs!

  2. Sandy, it;s okay to be a little behind. After all, you've had to recover from your shock and disappointment of no new winter attire. Keep at it, you will do great!

  3. @Jerry & Ben - I hope so!! I'll work on Mama to get a blog on that posted...

    @Buttons - I know... shock and disappointment is right... sigh... I will just keep plugging away at my writing. Once I actually sit down and do it, it works pretty good... It's to sit down and do it that is sometimes a problem!