Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween Prizes!

Look what came in the mail today!! It's a parcel from Jerry & Ben! I wonder if it's my Halloween prizes? It sure is a big parcel!

And challenging to get into... all taped up on all sides. Jerry & Ben sure know how to pack a parcel!

Oooh... ahhh... crumpled flyers!

Ahhh... a card... for me!

zmmmeh... mumble mumble... zzmmmeh.... Jerry is sharing his honey with me!!!

His honey!!!??? Jerry??? Really!!

Thanks Jerry!!! I will be sure to enjoy every last driblet of it!

There's a tonne of cool stuff here... Horehound candies for throats (Mama stole one of them cause she's recovering from a cold)... and Anise candies... sort of like licorice but better apparently. Pencils.... candies of various sorts and...

 Magnetic words!! Oooh... those are fun!

And just the right size for little bear paws... Can you see what I wrote....

Yep... that's me!!! Now I can leave Mama little notes on the fridge reminding her to take me for a walk and/or adventure! Thanks guys!!


  1. Oh! Such a wonderful post! Jerry says "thoze are sum 'old' candees, like Papa uzed to eat, you know, like in the Middul Ages, hehehe".

    We are sure glad you enjoyed your little prizes, and thanks again for entering our contest.

    Your pals, Jerry and Ben

  2. Ah yes... the Middle Ages... Mama's getting a look in her eyes...

    "Remember when you could get a pack of Dubble Bubble for $0.02!! And pocket books were $0.75... those were the days my friend... Who sang that again??"

  3. Mary Hopkin?

  4. Oh very good! You win the MAM (Middle Ages Music) Award! Mama always thinks it's Petulla Clark who sings that song... sheesh!