Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Walk!

Hooray!! I got out for a walk today... Now... you might think it is summertime by this picture...

Oh, look, an eagle with a salmon in his talons!

But look! That is ice on the puddle... It is winter... and definitely cooler...

Yep, that's it... it wasn't a beary exciting walk so I slept in Mama's backpack for a while...


  1. I like that statue of the eagle, looks like he means business! Glad you got out for a walk and away from the book for a while.

  2. Chilly...... we haven't had any ice here yet but it's certainly getting cold. We've been eating poached salmon a lot too, with Fried Rice!!!

  3. Was there a little thermos of hot chocolate in the backpack and a package of cookies to much on?

    We've gotten out our winter jackets too, it's cold here!

  4. @Little Fox - It was so good to get out for a walk... I am ripping out my fur as the book deadline approaches!

    @Beanie - Poached salmon?? Oh, yum!!!

    @Jerry & Ben - I heard it was cold out there - be sure to wear your mittens and toques when you go out!