Friday, September 20, 2013

Happy Milestone!

Today is my 500th posting!! Yippee!!!

I got to go to Vancouver in honour of my demi-millenial posting... or so I like to think.

I went down to the beach with my cousin, Daisy... she's a dog... And when she gets to the beach, all she likes to do is dig!

I think it's more interesting to watch the ships out in the harbour...

But Daisy digs... I'm not sure what for though... Is there buried treasure? A dog bone?

"Hullo, Daisy!! What are you diggin' for???"

That's it??? A rock??? Dogs are so strange sometimes...

Oh look, a tugboat...

And a beach full of holes!

Oh well... sometimes Daisy is fun to watch too. So much energy! I guess it's her hobby... like doing blog postings is mine! Heh-heh...


  1. Maybe she used to work on a farm and dug the holes to plant potatoes in?

  2. @Beanie - Could be!! It's too bad that energy for hole-digging couldn't be channeled better!!

  3. Maybe in another life Daisy was a farmer and she can't stop digging holes. Nice photos - hope you have fun in Vancouver. Did you know that we can see Vancouver Island from our town - of course we can't see Vancouver - but that is the closest thing we can see.

  4. Maybe Daisy was digging a tunnel to our house! Wait...that would be a BEARY long tunnel!

  5. Oh, and Happy 500 Bear Posts!!!! Jerry thinks Sandy deserves a honey cake for that...maybe your sekretery can do that for him...hint, hint.

  6. 2013 Halloween contest info. is ready!