Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Money Matters

Hullo... I thought I would share a bit about Vietnamese money. Their currency is called Dong - and the bank notes are all a variety of fetching colours, in slightly different colours. They all have a picture of Ho Chi Minh on them.

From the bottom left - there is 10,000 (brown), 20,000 (blue), 50,000 (red). Then on the bottom right we have 100,000 (green), 200,000 (red) and 500,000 (blue-green).

Yes... if you look closely... I am a millionaire!!! That is 3,500,000 VND!! Whoo-hooo!!!! Except... well...

The exchange rate is 20,000 VND to $1. Sooo...
10,000 VND = $0.50
20,000 VND = $1.00
50,000 VND = $2.50

100,000 VND = $5.00
200,000 VND = $10.00
500,000 VND = $25.00

And 1,000,000 VND = $50

That's it! So, I am not really a millionaire... sigh...


  1. Vietnamese Millionaire bear!! Works for me!!

  2. WOW the cullers ar nice. Is it papery or is it plasticky?
    In England it's papery but in Northern Ireland it's plasticky.
    I herd that in Canada it has nobbles on so that blind peepol can tell wat note it is. That's a grayte idea!
    I do like yor hat. It must help carfter yor ears on sunny days.
    Bob TB

  3. @Beanie - If only I could switch that into Canadian $$$!!

    @Bob - Oh, I forgot to mention - those notes are all that plasticky stuff - like Australia and Canada have (we changed). They have smaller notes - 5000, 2000, 1000, 500, 200 (1 cent) which are still paper. The plasticky notes are interesting because some of them look all weathered like paper notes, but they are not. Don't like plasticky notes - too hard to fold and they stick together sometimes!

  4. Very colorful money, but we do think pictures of bears on money would look nicer! hehe

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Oh yes, and it wouldn't have to be one particular bear - the $1 bill could be Winnie the Pooh, and the $5 bill could be Smokey Bear, and the $10 bear could be Paddington Bear!!

  6. That is a great idea Sandy! Don't forget a Canadian Bear though, maybe Sandy Bear on the 100$!