Monday, January 14, 2013

Winter Gardens

While we were wandering around Vancouver... in the rain, I might add... we came across something beary interesting.

There was an old railway track right in the middle of the city! It was all over grown, but between the railway tracks and the road, there were gardens.

It's a Community Garden and there are all sorts of garden plots here.

There isn't much growing and it's hard to see what this is given that Mama's camera had raindrops on the lens... hmph! But I think it's winter kale...

There was also a tall metal fence surrounding some bee hives!! They obviously know that little bears love honey and have erected a bear-proof fence... sorry Jerry!

The Community Garden had all sorts of little signs around that tell you how to garden better... this one talks about collecting rainwater for watering gardens.

I also found this old wooden pallet with some rocks on it. But these weren't ordinary rocks... they were pieces of polished granite counter tops! Mama says there is a stone counter top place a few blocks away... so maybe these are their leftovers?

They are beary beautiful stones but far too heavy for a little bear to carry home. And Mama wasn't about to pack anything for me. She said her backpack was heavy enough!

One of the Community Garden plots had used the counter top stones to make a little seating area... cool!


  1. Bee hives! Bee hives! That looks very interesting, Jerry will run and find his fence cutters, meet back there in 10 minutes! hehe

    Those gardens look cool. Hope you're enjoying your trip!

  2. Yep... thought Jerry would perk up at that! Fence cutters... hmm... that sounds serious! I was just going to try and dig under the fence and make a tunnel. Fence-cutters would definitely be quicker and cleaner!

    Are you wizard bears that you can wiggle your toes and be here in 10 minutes??? Oh... and there's something in the mail for Ben... and Jerry if he behaves!