Saturday, January 26, 2013

Water Diamonds

It is raining again today... but yesterday... yesterday was sunny!!! And warm! It was 6C outside... practically t-shirt weather!

And we got to go on an outing too! I insisted on taking off my jacket and wandering around in my t-shirt... it was so nice to feel the sun on my fur! And there is even some green grass.

We went to a shoreline park which doesn't have much of a beach - but it was still beautiful.

I happily plonked myself down on the rocks and watched the world go by.

There were some cute ducks. This one is funny because it has a white spot on its head that looks like an eye... but isn't an eye!

And then I noticed that the sun was making water diamonds on the water - they were beary beautiful. We even got a video of them too...

Aren't those water diamonds beautiful!!

A great day at the seashore.


  1. Those water diamonds are beautiful Sandy! And a video of you too! We love it! It is still very cold here, but that's ok, because we get to drink more hot chocolate! hehe. Those books look really good on you, perfect for walking on all those rocks.

  2. Thanks!! Mama told me that I couldn't move at all while she was taking the video because the rocks were slippery and I might have ended up in the drink! Did you hear the waves in the video?? Hot chocolate is beary yummy even on a sunny day!

  3. Your pictures of the water diamonds are beautiful!
    For some reason, I can't see the video. It tells me its a private video, even after I actually logged in. 8:( But I'm sure it was wonderful too.

    Looks like you had a bit of beautiful weather.

  4. @Buttons - whoops!! we had some technical difficulties with it... it should work now! We did have some beary nice weather - almost makes me think spring is here!