Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rock Climbing

I got to go to the beach again today!!

It was nice and sunny out but not very warm. Time to bundle up in my parka again.

If you squint your eyes, you could almost imagine that I am sitting on a tropical beach! Maybe...

 There are lots of broken seashells on this beach, but nothing to take home to my collection.

 But there are some rock cliffs... so I got to practice my rock climbing skills...

 Trick number one - never look down!!

 Don't look down...

 Ooh... gotta squish down here... don't look over the edge!

 Whew!! Made it to this point!

Oh, and up behind me... that house (which is beary expensive) belongs to a Bloomingdales heiress... or so islander rumour has it...

 But I'm not interested in that... I want to get down there!

 Ah... there we go... a perfect seat in the sun withe the water lapping at the shore.

It's very peaceful by the ocean today...

Another great day at the beach... I wonder what my next adventure will be? I think it's time for some forest walks!


  1. Careful on the edge of those cliffs Sandy, we don't want you to fall into the water!

  2. No, that would not be good! But I trust Mama to save me. I'm sure she would drop her camera in the water rather than have me sink in the drink! What do you think?

  3. We hope so! A camera can be replaced, but a Sandy is irreplaceable. "But just in case, can I have his honeee then" says Jerry...Ben quickly bonks him on the head (Jerry was kidding Sandy)

  4. My honey?? Hmm... I never thought about that - I should make a will and bequeath my honey to... whom??? Hmmm....