Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mystery Foam

I got out for a walk today - yay! It was a bit chilly but I had my red hoodie jacket on, so I was pretty toasty.

 We walked along the seashore for a while and saw one of the big ferries go by.

And then someone had built a really cool inukshuk along the shore. They are a tricky balancing act and Mama said I probably shouldn't climb it, as that might make it go out of balance!

We had a great view of the ocean from the inukshuk spot... and sometimes it's good just to sit and relax for a while.

A little farther along, there was a stream entering the ocean... "am I supposed to fly over this thing"??? But there was a log just upstream and so I made it across OK.

On the other side, I found some foam in the water! It looked like bubble bath foam! Maybe someone is taking a bath upstream?? A little bear perhaps? Or a big bear?

We followed the stream upstream... and found even more foam!! But Mama says no... it's not bubble bath foam but just regular foam that happens in the fall and winter when decaying plant matter release fatty acids which act as surfactants and... blah blah blah! Anyhow - it's natural foam not little bear bubble bath foam!


  1. We're glad it's not foam from little bears taking lots of bubble baths...we don't think the plants would like that kind of foam! It must not be too cold're not wearing your mittens! hehe

  2. Well, we did have frost in the morning... Mittens are too much trouble. If my paws get too cold I just stick them on Mama's neck and warm them up!! Heh-heh!

  3. Cold hands also make great alarm clocks: you just tip toe into the room where someone is sleeping and put your cold hands on them, they wake right up...although not usually very happy, and sometimes they growl.

  4. Uh - yeah!! Cold hands are cold even for a little bear with fur!!