Friday, January 18, 2013

An afternoon at the beach

I am off on an adventure today with Mama but need to post something first! This is from our adventure yesterday... We went to the beach!

 It was kind of windy and wavy.

 This beach was different in that most of it was made up of seashells and broken seashells.

This one is a limpet.

 This one is a bivalve/clam.

 This one is a broken bivalve...

 There's lots to do at the beach! I played in some driftwood logs.
And scampered around on some rocks to get a better view.

And said hello to the barnacles. I had to be careful walking on them because they are beary sharp and could have torn a hole in my boots... or pants... or jacket!

Oh, and someone had made a little inukshuk. I didn't touch it or even breathe on it because it looked beary precarious!


  1. We're so jealous, we just love the beach and the ocean! It looks like you've added some great shells to your collection too!

  2. The beaches are a lot of fun! A bit cold but fun!

  3. We love the sound of the ocean waves!!!

  4. And why do you not live closer to the ocean???? You must talk to your Papa about that!