Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Blog Annivesary Gift

We're back home!!! And do you see, I have my Vancouver t-shirt on. While we were in Vancouver, we did a bit of shopping. I had done some research and discovered that the traditional gift for a First Anniversary is... Paper!! Which sounds kind of boring - what can one do with a sheet of paper??? But...

I found this book in a second-hand bookstore... and it's made out of paper... so I made Mama buy it!! Let me show it to you...

 Oops... well... it's a beary heavy book. Let me just get organized here...

There we go! Do you see? It's a nature picture book on thick glossy paper. It's from gettyimages (probably before there was online clipart!).

 There are pictures of bees...

 And bears!

 And plants.

And insects! I thought Hammie would like this one!

And lots of landscape pictures too. I'm not sure what to do with this book... The pictures are super nice and would make great cards if I put them on cardstock... or I could do a photo collage and put them in a picture frame on the wall... What do you think?? I'm sure Beanie has some ideas!!


  1. Oh that tshirt looks great Sandy! Hammie will love the ladybug.

  2. Happy blogaversary Sandy! Looks like a wonderful book, should keep you from being a bored bear.

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Thanks! I think I need to lift some weights to fill it out a bit more!

    @Buttons - Thanks! I could stare at these photos for hours - beary beautiful. Of course, it would be soooo much better if Mama took me out into nature. ***Sigh... deep tremulous pathetic quavering sigh... with a whimper on the end...***

    Oh, Mama heard that! She says we are going on an adventure tomorrow!! Yay!!!!