Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt!

There was some debate in our household as to whether or not we would have a Christmas tree this year. With only a few Christmas decorations along on this sabba-tickle... would we be able to decorate a tree? What would we use for a tree stand? But Sandy swung the vote in favour of a tree so... a tree we got!

Yes... it is a little tree... Sandy spotted it underneath some power lines and sent Mama and partner out to hack it down. It's a perfectly sized tree for a little bear!

There he is... checking out the colour of the tree... to make sure it doesn't clash with his jacket!

We had to get creative with the Christmas tree stand as well. We used the ash bucket from the wood stove (with no ashes in it), put the tree stump in there and surrounded it with rocks. That should be nice and solid!! Last year, Sandy was a bit traumatized when our beary expensive tree fell over on Boxing Day and made a loud noise and a disastrous mess. But this one looks nice and solid!

On our tree hunt, we also stopped for some greenery... this is a bunch of Western Red Cedar which will make some nice Christmas swags to hang on the door and the deck railings.

 And there is also a big pile of balsam (fir) boughs... they will look nice too... and smell even better!

Oh... and last but not least... some holly!!! With red berries this time... and variegated leaves too... Beary prickly though.

 And Sandy wants a picture of himself with the axe...  Clearly, Sandy was not doing any of the chopping and cutting on this expedition!

And... some Douglas Fir... and hawthorn berries and some orange rose hips... for later!

It's a good thing we went out when we did because this afternoon it rained buckets!


  1. A plain tree can be beautiful too! We love the smell! You could string some popcorn too! Our grandma bear used to use pins and popcorn, and side the pin through one piece of popcorn and pin it to the very end of every branch.

  2. Great bear minds think alike!! (See tomorrow's posting) Your grandma bear idea sounds cool...