Thursday, December 13, 2012

Starfish Rescue

Today Sandy went for a walk on the beach at low tide...
And found this poor creature! Sandy had never seen a starfish before... but this one looked like it was in trouble. It was about 5 feet away from the water and upside down! Sandy wasn't sure if it was alive or dead as poking it with a stick didn't get any response.

Ever the kind-hearted bear, Sandy got Mama to flip the starfish right-side up... but it still didn't move. Maybe it was a dead starfish? Or maybe it just needed some nice fresh salt water...

So we plopped it back in the water and hoped for the best. It still wasn't moving so both Sandy and Mama were kind of sad. But we continued on our beach walk - with many other adventures - and came back about an hour later...

The tide had gone out even more, so the starfish was back out of water. Sandy thought we should put it back out in the water again but... when Mama went to lift it with a stick, it was stuck to the rocks!!! Yay!!! It was alive and well!

We left the starfish stuck to the rocks and hoped for the best!

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