Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Sandy woke up this morning with the hope of snow... but it was raining... pouring actually...

Sandy stood at the window for a while... wishing for snow... wishing beary hard!

And then... the raindrops got bigger and more substantial... and... it was snowing!! But it wasn't sticking... and then... after half an hour...

 Sandy rushed out the door - "SNOW!!" he cried with excitement...

But Mama's voice stopped him dead in his tracks - "Get back in here young bear!! You are not dressed for the snow!!"  Sandy keeps forgetting what he's wearing... or not wearing! He gets dressed in one of his snow outfits... and now he is ready!

Oh... the snow is almost 1 cm thick... that is enough to make...

Snowballs!! He remembered that Jerry and Ben were thinking we could all have a snowball fight... Reds against Greens!

Sandy is ready to play for the Red Team... he's got snowballs and a snowfort to hide behind!! Bring it on!!

But Jerry and Ben aren't here to throw snowballs so Sandy gets a bit bored. But all that snow must be good for something!

 And then Sandy has an idea... he starts rolling a snowball... a BIG snowball...

There it is... now he just needs a few more...

It's a snow bear!! Or at least the start of one... Boy, it sure is snowing hard - Sandy keeps getting big snowflakes landing on his face! 

There we go... a couple of legs and some eyes... and that's all for now... because...

The eagle is lurking around and Sandy isn't sure if eagles eat snow bears or not...

So with a bit of cajoling, Mama moves the snow bear to the deck railing where it's under our watchful eye. Happy with that... Sandy runs back inside and does a little switcheroo and comes back outside...

He's ready for a  snowball fight on the Green Team!! (Just in case Ben was feeling outnumbered...)

P.S. - Snowbear Update

Freshly made snowbear...

 Snowbear after the snow has stopped and changed to showers..

 Snowbear looking more like a snowghost!! - 8 hours after creation... poor snowbear...


  1. Oh, G. Loves your red hat and coat! And I like it too!

  2. We're so happy that you got some snow Sandy! Your new red jacket and sweater look so beary good out in the white snowy background.
    We sure would have fun making snowballs; we could invite our pal Jake so that we'd have 2 teams of 2. It's still beary cold here, so we're going to get out of the house a little tomorrow and go to see the Hobbit! Ben is so excited; Jerry is more interested in the hot buttered popcorn! hehe

  3. @Hammie - Red is a beary nice colour!! Easy to see and very debonaire.

    @Jerry & Ben - Thanks - I like my new winter outfit! A snowball fight would be lots of fun - but our snow has turned to slush which would mean an iceball fight, which is no fun! We went and saw the Hobbit here on the island!! It was beary good but long - make sure you don't drink too much honey beer before going!

  4. We just saw the Hobbit today too! We liked it beary much. We now want to see Les Misérables, everyone says it is so good.

    We also looked on a map today and found where your island looks so beary cool, but Jerry worries that there aren't many bees there and that maybe Sandy doesn't have enough honey.

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Oh, Les Misérables looks great!! But so far, the only movie playing here is The Hobbit!

    The island is beary nice, except for lacking Mama's favourite hot chocolate shop! Tell Jerry there are bees here - big bees!! And honey!