Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sherlock Bear

Today went for a walk and off in the trees and bushes next to the road, he saw something that looked beary out of place... He traipsed into the bush to have a closer look.
It was an old truck. A beary old beat-up truck. It sort of reminds Sandy of the truck that he saw back in October when he was visiting Gramma.
It even has the same name... Dodge!! Sandy's not sure why these old trucks end up abandoned in the bush... maybe the people ran out of gas or something? It's a mystery...

And as Sandy was fighting his way out of the bush and back to the road, he saw a mushroom!! Or rather... it looked like a mushroom...
But when Mama dug it out... it wasn't a mushroom... it was actually two golf balls!
And then Sandy saw another one... and another one! They were everywhere! What the heck??
Guess what's across the street?? Yup, a golf course...
And way in the distance you can see some Canada Geese too... maybe they throw golf balls around when they get bored? Well, at least the mystery of the golf balls is solved... They don't grow in the forest... the come from a golf course!
On the way home, Sandy saw an old arm chair sitting between two trees. He just shook his head and kept walking... Too many mysteries in one day and he wasn't up to trying to figure out this one!
But back home, Sandy emptied out Mama's pockets and counted 8 golf balls!! He's not sure what he's going to do with them... Mama says that if he collected enough of them, he could sell them back to golf players and earn some money for his college fund! But Sandy doesn't have very big pockets so collecting the golf balls would be a problem... Oh well...


  1. I say paint faces on them and leave them on a wall somewhere!!!!!

  2. Oh, Sherlock Bear Sandy! Ben would like to be Dr. Ben Watson, and Jerry can play Inspector Jerry Lestrad!

  3. @Beanie - that is a GREAT idea!!

    @Jerry & Ben - Oooh... I like that too!! We could be the Three Sherlockian Musketeers (or something).