Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy the Secretive

The last week or so, Sandy has been beary secretive. He keeps scrambling upstairs for long periods of time.
There he goes again! Now, Christmas is fast approaching, so perhaps he is working on a Christmas present or two??

Except... today, Mama spied some tiny pieces of orange foil wrap on the stairs... hmmm...

 She decided to track down that trail and followed the trail of orange up the stairs...

And into the bedroom...

Oh look... there's some more foil wrap and a little net which used to hold a bunch of chocolate balls! Right outside the closet door... And what do we find inside???

A little bear in his little chocolate-eating nest!!! Surrouned by chocolate and candy corn with incriminating evidence still in both paws!

And scattered at his feet.... so much for the Halloween candy!! Mind you, Jerry & Ben did say if Sandy ate it in the dark, he could pretend that it was Christmas chocolate... But Mama's pretty sure that Jerry & Ben meant for Sandy to share the chocolate with everyone else!


  1. Ooh! Haha! We missed this story, SO cute. Tell your mom Sandy that we don't think the Bourbon chocolate bar actually contains any real bourbon....better yet, don't tell her, she might be a bit disappointed! We're glad your enjoying the treats!

  2. I don't actually know if I'm going to share any chocolate with her... hmmph!! She left me here on the island while she had adventures without me... hmph!!