Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ready for Christmas

Christmas is almost here!! Although it doesn't feel like it yet...
Sandy keeps looking at the snowman sign that reminds us... "It's winter"! No snow... sigh...

Sandy has been keeping track of the days until Christmas with his Advent stocking... (this photo was taken a few days OK... Sandy does move the little start from date to date... usually!).

And then there are stockings...

And lots of friends!! Mostly bears... with the odd reindeer, cat and Gingerbread person thrown in for good measure.

The stuffies are going to decorate the tree... which is hard work... so Sandy goes around dispensing Pez candies!

Gotta keep their strength up! It's tough work hanging around a tree all day!

 The kitty isn't into Pez but that's OK... he still appreciated the visit from Sandy.

Oh and there's the occasional owl as well...

They sure look like they're having fun in there! Every once in a while, somebody sits on a holly branch - but they move pretty quickly, because those are prickly! (Did that just rhyme???).

Yep... looking pretty good... no lights on the tree though... we'll see how it all looks on Christmas morning!


  1. The garland looks awesome Sandy! We like your tree! Will you get any snow there?

  2. Snow?? No... probably not. The forecast is for unrelenting rain - which makes all the trees nice and green! Although there is some on the mountain across the way... I could go hiking up there and pack some out to sprinkle outside!

  3. And if you get hungry Sandy, you can always nibble on the garlard around the Christmas tree, it look yummy! hehe

  4. I'm also sure there must be some chocolate in some of those presents... But they are all so well-taped I can't even get a sniff of a whiff!

  5. Oooh, you've got a lot friends at your place for christmas! That's nice! Love the tree filled with friends:-)! Ooh, and Poes (that is the cat that lives here) asks if you want to say hello from her to the Chritsmas cat :-)!

  6. @Hammie - It's great to have stuffie friends for a visit! They tend to live in boxes most of the year... reverse hibernators (like your friends!) - the summernators. Kitty says "Mrrrow!! Prrrrrrr!!!!" Which I think means: "Hello!! So Happy to have greetings from a cat who has access to Dutch cows which produce yummy milk and cheese and chocolate!!"