Thursday, December 20, 2012

Playing with Popcorn

We are getting creative with decorations this year! Sandy thought it might be nice to try some popcorn strings... since we had a lot of pretty berries and popcorn...

Sandy wanted to know if we could use his Halloween candy corn as well... but Mama said it was the wrong kind of corn to use for popcorn!

Luckily, the place comes with a popcorn popper... so we are all set.

First you get out some popcorn....

And put it in the metal cup inside the popcorn popper...

Then you turn it on and wait... and wait... and wait...

 And slowly the popcorn comes out... and then quicker!

 Whoa... that is a lot of popcorn!

 There we go - we are ready... popcorn and berries and clippers... and Mama with a needle and thread. Hopefully she is better at sewing popcorn strings than she is at sewing the pants of little bears!

Tah-dah!!! Our first popcorn string!!!  As a note... don't use hawthorn berries (they have big pit seeds in them) or holly berries (they break easily).... Cranberries would probably be best!

It looks pretty good doesn't it?? Sandy did an inspection and thought it looked very good... although a bit edible in places!


  1. Beautiful! What a great idea with the Hammieberries! I bet your tree looks fantastic!

  2. Hammieberriees! That's perfect! The tree is looking wonderful and makes a big contribution to the holiday spirit!

  3. Take a photo when you're done Sandy! We thought bumble bee ornaments would look good too! hehe

  4. Pots of honey would look cute in the tree too! Maybe instead of candy canes...

  5. I love that popcorn strings with the red berries!!!!! hahaha Hammieberries :-)!

  6. @Hammie - They took a while (and a few pricked fingers and paws) but they do look festive!