Saturday, December 22, 2012

Parcels & Packages

'Tis the season for parcels, packets and packages! We got two from the post office... both much bigger than Sandy!
Sandy wanted to open them (of course)... and since there was nothing specifically "Christmasy" on either one... everyone gave in to the little bear.

The first package had a few very un-Christmasy-looking gifts and Sandy wanted to open the smallest one...

He sure is good at ripping and shredding! So much for reusing the wrapping paper from that present!

Ohhh... Sandy looks transfixed by what he sees!!

Wow!! A necklace and earrings!! These are from Mama's work place people. The necklace is nice but Mama doesn't have pierced ears so.... what to do with the earrings?

Oh boy... don't ever turn your back on a little bear!! You never know the trouble they will get into...

They do look rather fetching... even if they aren't hanging off of his ears... but off of his hat's ear flaps!

The second parcels was quite large and well-taped.

So Sandy needed a pair of scissors to get a hole started...

And then he was off and running...

And having fun playing in the paper packaging.

Someone taped this parcel really, really well with beige duct-tape... beary hard to get through! But Sandy managed it!

Hmmm... what all do we have in here...

Oh, loads and loads of presents (and a couple of IKEA bags).

"anything for me" wondered Sandy as he burrowed down into the depths of the parcels.

"nothing there... nothing here... nothing"...

"Nope, nothing for me!!" Sandy was a bit disappointed but rebounded quickly...

Those presents sure look good under the tree! And... well... heck... where did that big blue one come from???

Oh my goodness... it's addressed to Sandy!!! How did that sneak past his eagle eyes?? Probably when he was burrowing in the parcel... sometimes it's beary easy to distract a little bear.

Sandy tries to peek underneath the wrapping but Mama had heard how Jerry likes to try that, so she taped it down nice and solid! No little bear is going to get a sneak peak at that present!


  1. Nice post! It's like being there with you opening the packages :-)! We got a package too today! Just made a post about it.

  2. Wow Sandy, so many presents! You must be excited! We hope you receive some nice things. Jerry tries to peel back the tape holding the wrapping paper, but this year, Ben glued the edges of the wrapping paper down so that no one can peel the edges back...Jerry was not so happy about that.

  3. @Hammie - Thanks!! Packages are a lot of fun... and the boxes they come in are beary funny sometimes!

    @Jerry & Ben - Jerry is usually up to some mischief! Did the mystery of the Missing Cookies ever get solved??

  4. The Mystery of the Missing Cookie is still unsolved. We need Sherlock Sandy to investigate! Ben says he did find a few cookie crumbs in Jerry's winter you suppose that is a clue?

  5. @Jerry & Ben - Hmmm... have you turned his pockets inside out?? It does sound like a lot of circumstantial evidence... perhaps a lie-detector test is in order?