Monday, December 10, 2012

Out and about again!

Sandy got to go on a short adventure today! Yay!! He was starting to get cabin fever being cooped up while Mama was sick.
The weather was moderately nice although it was a bit chilly. Good thing Sandy was dressed for the weather.

We found a trail along a rocky shoreline and didn't meet anybody, except some die-hard campers hunkered down in the woods.

Sandy was very happy to be out on the trails again, even if it was a bit wet.

That is one happy little bear!

We even found a lighthouse - sort of... it's more like a light beacon, but it was still interesting.

Look at the green grass... it's hard to believe it is December.

There were lots of cool driftwood logs along the shore and Sandy wanted to sit in one and just soak up the sun for a while.

Sandy even found some glacial striations on this big slab of bedrock.

Oh and a beary cute duck critter... not sure what it is but it was cute! Even on a short adventure, Sandy sure sees a lot of cool stuff!


  1. Wow Sandy, you have such nice weather there! We have -1F here, brrrr. We've never seen a duck like that, such beautiful coloring. We got some of our cookies done, more to make this week. There seems to be a few cookies missing though, and Jerry has crumbs on his fur. We might need Sherlock Sandy to investigate The Case of the Missing Christmas Cookies.

  2. -1F is cold! We are above 32 F (6C). Crumbs on fur... hmmm... sounds pretty incriminating... would be interesting if he has an alibi! More conclusive evidence would be if he puffs crumbs out of his mouth while talking!