Friday, December 7, 2012

More mail!!

Holy moly!! This has been a week of mail - receiving and sending! Yesterday evening we got visitors from back home and they brought us an accumulation of mail. And Sandy got the lion's share of it!
Look at that!! Sandy got a post card from Hammie, an envelope from Beanie and a parcel from Jerry & Ben!

Hammie sent a post card from his fall vacation back in October. What a beautiful castle! Thanks Hammie!

And then there was an envelope from Beanie with a beautiful card and a double-decker bus magnet. It was part of Beanie's birthday Trombola - where Beanie the birthday mouse gives gifts away! Thanks Beanie!

And finally a parcel from Jerry & Ben! Sandy had heard about this parcel and now it's finally here!

Oooohhhh!!! Chocolate!!! Halloween chocolate in December!! Yummm...

And a card too! This is Sandy's prize box for the Halloween Contest that Jerry & Ben sponsored back in October. Thanks guys!

Oh... we don't know a lot of these chocolate types! There are Kit-kats which we have here in Canada, but some other things are new up here... That will be fun!

Thanks everyone!!!


  1. Yeah! We're so glad you finally received your halloween prize package! Although the candy wrappers might be more halloween themed, if you eat the chocolate in the dark, you'll never know and you can pretend it's Christmas chocolate! Enjoy the treats!

  2. @Jerry & Ben - Thanks guys! I have to guard it beary well because Mama thinks they are for her too and she keeps sneaking chocolates out! She says she needs them to get better from her cold...

    @Beanie - oh yeah... mail is the best!