Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all!! Sandy was up early... and eager to get this show on the road.

In anticipation of opening the mail, Sandy tried on the Santa hat...

but where did he go???

 Sandy is a silly bear!! That hat is big enough to serve as a tent for a little bear!

 First up - an envelope from Hammie! "Hi Hammie!!"...

 A very nice card - Thanks Hammie!

 And... (drumroll please....)... the Santa letter!!!

Oh, there's a typewritten part and a handwritten part...

Mumble... mumble... the first part sounds a bit like a form letter... but... the last part is different...

"P.S. Mrs. Claus and I would like to wish a happy holiday to all your stuffie friends and Beanie Mouse too! HO! HO! HO!" ... oooohhhh!!!! Sandy had mentioned his stuffie friends in his letter and there was a picture of Sandy and Beanie on the card Sandy sent to Santa... Santa is beary thoughtful!

"Thanks Santa!!"

And finally, after waiting patiently, Sandy gets to open his presents...

The first one is a chocolate letter... "S"... for Sandy!!

 This box is beary big... it must be a huge present!

 Lots of wrapping paper to work through...

 Sandy takes a peek... but only sees more packing material...

 I wonder what's in here??

"Ohhhh... Oh... my... goodness.... - Mama you need to close your eyes... and no peeking!!

Eyes closed as per instructions... but there is much rustling of paper and shuffling of cardboard. Even a few little bear grunts and mutterings...

Maybe just a tiny peek??? "Mama - NO Peeking!!!" And then.... "OK... you can look now!"

Well... my goodness... is that Sandy bear??? It looks like him! Smells like him!! "Mama it's me with a new outfit!!!" I can go to Mexico again and not sweat to death in my parka!" Very fetching!!

 And then... another outfit! Wow... this one is super cute!! "I love the flipflops and the little belt" said Sandy.

And... A Vancouver outfit with shoes and a messenger bag (for honey deliveries)... Very chic!

And now we have... ???? Jerry??? How did Jerry get here?? "No, Mama... it's me!!!! I got the beary same outfit as Jerry!!! Must have come from the Sears Catalogue!" Oh... this could get confusing...

That is the face of one happy little bear... who is still trying to figure out what to do with a toque so that he can see where he's going!


  1. Wow Sandy, those are great outfits! We're going to look like twins! hehe But we think that is fun! We sent you an "extra", but we don't think you'll need it now, hehe, you'll see when you get our package.

  2. Thanks guys! All "extras" are welcome - and might come in handy!

  3. Those great tan boots and red thick jacket sure will come in handy during those chilly Canadian winters! The Vancouver outfit is also beary nice--we have slowly put pins from our travels on the travel bags, and the bag has plenty of room for a tiny jar of honey!

  4. Happy Christmas Sandy! You sure got some cool gifts!!

  5. Sandy, we think that you need a Canadian Mountie outfit--that would be so beary cool!

  6. @Jerry & Ben - I like the Vancouver outfit - the messenger bag is beary cool and the hat will keep the sun out of my eyes!

    @Feronia - Thanks!! I am beary happy with my gifts... can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can run around bearfoot and in my flipflops!

    @Jerry & Ben - oooh.... a Mountie outfit?!! I would look beary handsome in that! Clothing is so limited though for us little bears... sigh...

  7. Oh what fun!!!! I love getting presents too - and Santa's letter is just BRILLIANT!!

  8. @Beanie - presents are beary cool! And Santa's letter was... GREAT!

  9. Oh, and of course Sandy HAS to have a hockey outfit..Canadians are the best hockey players.

  10. @Jerry & Ben - I want a Team Canada hockey jersey! I am not beary good at hockey because the ice is super slippery! I kept faling on my bum!