Friday, December 14, 2012

Hunter of Tsunami Debris

A couple of years ago there was that big earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Some debris washed up the next year on the Canadian coast... but there's been no further news about debris... until today!

Sandy was out for a hike and came across this sign at a park info centre...

It tells you what to do if you come across tsunami debris. Now, given that we are not on the outer coast, it seems unlikely that we would find any tsunami debris but... Sandy is the ever eager explorer... so of we went to do an inventory of beach debris...

First up - a big chunk of styrofoam. This stuff is nasty... it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces and is beary hard to clean up. But it's probably not tsunami debris.

Then there was a big sheet of plastic... again probably not tsunami debris.

Oh, a big old tire filled with styrofoam. It must have come from a dock or something... no Japanese writing on the tire...

A bottle!!! Maybe there's a message in it from somebody stranded on a desert island??? Nope... just a bunch of seaweed in there... and no Japanese characters on the bottle.

Oh wow... a whole pile of stuff - a pair of orange overalls and a broken basket, a shoe and a bunch of rope. Nothing here that says it's from Japan though.

A broken lifesaver ring... only English words on it...

A full water bottle - somebody must have lost this out of their pocket on a hike or something.

Not sure what this is... definitely not Japanese though!

And a beary big glove... bigger than a little bear! It is Wrangler brand so... not from the tsunami. So, after patrolling his little section of beach, Sandy can safely say there is no tsunami debris here... although there sure is a lot of garbage!!


  1. We hate to see so much garbage; we'd help you organize a monthly cleanup! Beaches need to be safe for little bears!

  2. That would be a great idea! Beaches need to be safe for everyone... particularly little bears who don't always look where they are going!