Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Funny Looking Birds

Today Sandy went by an old heritage farm, which was also being used as a working farm.
Off in the distance, he could see some big birds. They were too big to be chickens. But didn't look like geese either. What could they be?

Sandy went off to explore and made sure to close the gate behind him... which was a good thing!

Because the big birds were making a breakout from their area into the area where Sandy was! Can you tell what type of birds they are yet? They almost look like vultures!

Sandy wasn't too sure about these birds. They were awfully cheeky, getting beary close to him... a little too close for comfort... If he didn't know better, he could almost think they were chasing him!

And then there were white ones as well!! They sure are ugly looking! These ones were having a conference trying to decide what to do with the little bear in their midst. Do you know what they are yet?

This should help... These big ones were all penned up in a shed but now Sandy knew what they were... they weren't vultures... or turkey vultures... they were actual, real, live turkeys!

Oh... and there's a sign... "Please don't chase the turkeys"... Hmph... Sandy thinks it should be changed to read... "Turkeys, please don't chase the little bears"!

On the way back to the car, Sandy found a beary cool optical illusion...Can you tell which ones is right side up??


  1. Turkeys! We kind of like turkeys, because we have a little group of 4-5 of them that live in our neighborhood in Minneapolis, yes, in the city!! The sometimes sit on the front steps of the house, or walk through the back yard looking for something to eat. It is so green there! Minneapolis has 17 inches of snow now! We need to make another snow man (er, snow bear).

  2. Hmmmm.... those sound like human-turkeys to me! 17 inches of snow... that's enough to bury a little bear - twice over!! I hope you guys have snowshoes or a toboggan or something so you don't sink... can't wait to see your snow bears!

  3. Oh gosh, we discovered that the turkeys in our neighborhood have their own Facebook page! They are famous!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! They are real live turkeys running around town! What happens to them in November & December??? Do they know enough to high-tail it out of town for sunnier climes or do they hang around - only to be invited inside for dinner?