Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forgotten Cemetery

Today Sandy went for a nice hike... with a specific destination in mind. Mama keeps driving by this old cemetery, and Sandy thought it looked beary interesting, but it's hard to get Mama to stop the car there because we're always going "somewhere"! Anyhow, today we are going "there"!
Along the way, Sandy said hello to a siamese kitty-cat who wasn't all that friendly. He probably hasn't met a lot of friendly bears in his lifetime!
There it is... creaky old metal gates and everything.
There are lots of cool headstones here and most of them are undamaged. Although everything is covered with a thick carpet of moss.
It's a great place for a little bear to wander around and explore...
Isn't this a cool dangle-y think on the chain? Sometimes you have to walk around looking at things from a little bear's perspective... and you see cool stuff!
Mmm... this one is hard to read but the person died in February 1898 in the harbour. Maybe a boating accident? Maybe a fight on the dock? don't know...
There's another cemetery across the street - it has a beary cool entrance with big old cedars creating a beary gloomy atmosphere.
This other cemetery isn't half as interesting. all of the tomb stones are laid flush in the ground. It makes it easier to mow the lawn but... not interesting for photographs! And Sandy would just like to point out that there isn't much grass here... most of the greenery is moss!


  1. Sandy you find the coolest places to visit!

  2. I find the best places when we go for walks... because then the world isn't such a blur (like from a car window!).

  3. Hehe, that's very true, plus walks and hikes are fun, it gives Jerry a chance to look for bees...he's always looking for bees.

  4. And has Jerry ever found any bees?? You have to be careful they don't sting you!!