Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Cards

Can you believe it's already December?? And almost St. Nikolaus (or as Sullivan says - Sinterklaas!). The deadline for international letter mail is fast approaching and it is time... Sandy needs to do his Christmas cards!
First he toddles upstairs... which is quite an adventure in and of itself.

Then he gets his Christmas cards together... He designed and ordered them himself!!

Can't forget the address book. Mind you, that is an awfully big address book for such a little bear...

And then we need stamps and stickers and Air Mail labels and what-not...

Now it's time to lounge and write... Sandy needs to be very focused here otherwise he tends to make spelling and grammar errors!

Yay!!! Done!!! That didn't take beary long at all...

Now, he just needs to put stamps on all the envelopes... choices, choices... It's good to get that done!


  1. You're so organized Sandy! We need to start sending cards too! Those stamps and stickers are beary nice!

  2. Well, Mama's sick with a cold and it's raining outside so... I'm bored...

  3. Oh no! We hope your mom gets better soon. Maybe make her some soup and sit next to her and read her a nice book.

  4. @Jerry & Ben - That's a good idea! I can hand her tissues as well!