Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chopping Wood & Fetching Water... er... Honey...

Today we needed a bit of extra kindling and firewood.
Sandy helped supervise the kindling chopping...

And picked out some good pieces of wood to get chopped.

But he stayed far away while the wood chopping was taking place! Those log pieces can sure go flying! Afterwards, Sandy came inside and turned on the television...

Winnie the Pooh!!! Sandy has never seen Winnie the Pooh on TV before!!

The Pooh bear is hungry for honey.... "oh, this sounds like a good movie" said Sandy...

Sandy settled down on the couch with his favourite blanket. Without even taking off his outdoor clothes!! (Sandy keeps forgetting that he has other outfits now!)

"Mama you have to move... you're blocking my view!!"

Pooh has no honey at home and tries to find some at Christopher Robin's... but he has been taken by the Backson monster... so Pooh and his pals go on a quest to find Christopher (and some honey).

This does not look like a good idea from many angles! And it wasn't!

Sandy wants to know... is Pooh going to get his honey?? But Mama says Sandy will just have to wait and see...

Oh... a flood of honey!! Pooh sure is a lucky bear except...

It was all a honey-deprivation hallucination and Pooh was actually eating mud.

Sandy thinks this movie is getting a bit scary for a little bear!

But then Piglet comes to the rescue... Sandy thought Sullivan would like this part - Piglet goes deep into a scary forest... and that sounds like something Sullivan would do too!

Sandy decides that maybe some honey is in order... to calm his nerves and his anticipation... Will Pooh get the honey???

 Oh yes... a huge pot of honey!!!

 Enough to swim in!!! Enough to last for a beary long time. Sandy thinks that is the best movie that he's ever seen... although he hasn't seen many...


  1. We love Winnie! Sounds like a fun afternoon--a movie and a nice fire in the fireplace. We have a fire place too...well, actually it's a DVD fire that we put on the TV, and it even has crackling sounds. Ben swears that he feels heat from the fire but Jerry just gives him a strange look.

  2. Yes - there's nothing better than being snuggled on the couch with a good movie and something to snack on! Except maybe, being snuggled on the couch with a good book and something to snack on! You have a DVD fire - they have them on different TV channels around Christmas time. But with your DVD - you can have a crackling fire whenever you want to!! Beary smart... although I have to agree with Jerry... Ben is feeling things!

  3. Hehe, well, the crackling sounds are nice when you're reading a book with a cup of hot chocolate, so maybe it's the hot chocolate that is making us warm.

  4. That could be too... or maybe you are going through bear-opause! Hah-hah!

  5. HAHA, we think it's just because bears like to be in a warm and cozy place during the winter months..we tend to be a bit more sleepy too!

  6. Is that why I'm feeling so tired?? I am missing my hibearnation!