Friday, December 28, 2012

Bored Bear

Hullo bears and not-a-bears. It's me... Sandy!! I am writing this one all by myself...

Mama and partner were beary busy today preparing for the SE Asia trip. They stared at the computer almost all day...

I was super bored and flounced on the sofa for a while... bored... bored... sigh...

Mama!! It is not to rainy out there... let's go for a walk!! But Mama ignored me all day... I could hear the blog comments pinging on her phone but she ignored it too...

Finally, I started lurking around the Christmas lebkuchen cookies... the chocolate covered ones are super yummy!! That got Mama's attention... at 9 pm at night... too late for a walk now. I am going to have to put my paw down tomorrow and make sure I get out for a walk!


  1. Sandy, if you are bored, we'll come over and play! We can make a fort...and we're happy to help you munch on those delicious looking cookies, hehe.

  2. Could you really?? It would be beary easy if you lived around the corner... By the way, when Mama was in Vancouver, she had some of those yummy peanut butter cookies with the hershey's kiss on top! Auntie had made some - they were super yummy - so I heard...

  3. Sandy,
    Sorry you are so bored...welcome to my life, hehe. I'm sure when the SE Asia trip happens you'll think being bored for a dy or so was worth it.

    FYI - my secrebeary thinks she sent your Christmas card to your mainland address by mistake. Sorry, you will have to be bored waiting to get it too. :( Ya just can't get good help these days.
    I'd fire her except, she is my honey source.

  4. @Buttons - Beary true - and I did get some warm-weather outfits for Christmas, so I won't look like a complete duffus in SE Asia!

    Humans are moody creatures sometimes - you have to snuggle up to your person and make sad little bear eyes and whimper a bit... maybe that will help!