Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bear in the Woods?

I got out for a walk today!! It was a bit drizzly at times, so I decided to wear my nice red jacket with the hoodie. It's so nice to have clothing options!

Mama even let me pick the trail we were going to hike. I picked one that didn't look too long... but longer than just a stroll through the forest.

Here we go!! It's a good thing I'm a little bear with a nose for trails because this one was a bit hard to follow sometimes. I would scamper ahead and reconnoiter the trail... which gave me a great chance to... 

...hide on everybody!! Heh-heh!!! Isn't that a great hiding spot?? It's a big old cedar tree with a hole that was perfect for me!

"Boo!" I scared Mama pretty good that time... although my red jacket is much more visible than my green one... hmmm... have to think about that... red isn't a great colour for playing hide-and-seek!

Hey - wait a minute.... what is that? Do you see it - just to the left of that big old stump??

That dark thing looks like... a bear!! Or a Sasquatch!!! Ahh!!!

"Should we run, Mama???" I'm just a little bear who hasn't encountered bears in the woods before... other than myself. But Mama has seen bears before and she said don't run! So I stayed perfectly still... wishing I had my green coat on so I could blend into the greenery!

But it turns out it wasn't a bear anyhow... it was just a big root wad from a tipped over tree! Whew... I was a bit worried there... Good thing I listened to Mama and didn't run screaming through the forest scaring all the little birds!


  1. That last photo looks a bit like a wooly mammoth Sandy! Your new red coat looks great with all the green would be easy for your mom to find you if you ever wander off in search of honey!

  2. I suppose it does look like a mammoth! Never saw that... to concerned about bears and sasquatch! It is beary easy for Mama to spot me... foraging for honey, wandering off the trail, trying to play hide-and-seek... I definitely won't get lost out there!