Monday, December 24, 2012

A Letter from... the North Pole!!!

Do you remember back on the Feast of St. Nikolaus, Sandy wrote a letter to Santa Claus? And Santa Claus was supposed to write back? Well... nothing came in the mail last week and Sandy was getting a bit dejected. Maybe Santa doesn't write to little bears???

And... as many of us do... Sandy was turning to comfort food to distract himself from his disappointment. Is that a Hershey's Kiss tucked up his sleeve??

But then Mama came back from the mail box with a letter!!! And the Hershey's Kiss was forgotten.

"Oh... Oh... Oh... is it?? Is it??"

"It is!!!! " It's a letter for Sandy!!! From...

 Santa Claus!!!

With a North Pole postmark!!!  Ohhhh... Sandy was.... speechless and stunned.

(picture of speechless and stunned little bear)

He wanted to open the letter right away (of course)... but Mama said that it should be added to the growing pile of Christmas mail to open on Christmas... Eve (evening) or Day... (morning). Oh boy!


  1. Oooh it must be difficult to wait!! Perhaps you can ask your Mom to go shopping and secretly open the letter when she has left the house?

  2. It is super-difficult to wait!! And Mama is a bit suspicious of my suggestions... she knows me beary well!

  3. Wow, a letter from Santa! You must have been a beary, beary good little bear this year! We'd want to open it right away too, but your mom is probably right; it will be more exciting to open it on Christmas!

  4. @Jerry & Ben - I know!! I was beginning to get worried but Santa came through in the end. But I don't know if I can wait until tomorrow - the anticipation is making me fill a bit sick... I think opening a present or two would make me fill much better!

  5. Well dun! Fank for card to Dilly an Bob too! Be exslent card!! Dilly an Bob send card Sandy but be goin be layte. Sorwy ¬"

    Hav mewwy cwissmoss!!!

    1. Thanks Dilly! Glad you liked the card... I can wait for mail... any mail is good mail!!

      Beary Merry Christmas to you and Bob T Bear too!

  6. Sandy, I'm relieved to see I am not only bear with stacked up Christmas mail. I am sorry to say that I know my card to you is not in your waiting pile, as my dad just got it to the post office just before they closed Christmas Eve. Sigh...just know it's coming your way soon.

    Hope you and your mama have a blessed Christmas!

  7. Happy Christmas Sandy! Thanks for the beary awesome presents! We'll post about it later, after we have our Christmas breakfast with the honey you sent!

  8. @Buttons - We opened our stacked up mail on Christmas Eve!! (Post coming)... I will look for your card and enjoy it when it gets here. Merry Christmas!

    @Jerry & Ben - Thanks guys!

  9. Oh! Such a Chaming Story! Merry Christmas and May your Wishes to Santa Come True, Sandy!