Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Beautiful Tree

There's a beary beautiful tree that grows on the islands. It only grows near the shore or within sight of the ocean.
Because of that - it often leans quite a bit - trying to reach the sunshine and get a good view!

It makes funky crooked branches as well - which are perfect spots for a little bear to hang out and get a suntan!

The tree is called an arbutus and it is different because it is a broad-leaved evergreen. And every winter, it loses its outer bark!

So you get naked arbutus everywhere! This is the fresh new bark

See how it's shedding some of its bark here - this is the inner bark that is very papery.

And this is the old outer bark - it looks like regular tree bark.

The arbutus tree makes for beary pretty silhouette photos!


  1. Sandy, Ben wonders if the tree got a sunburn and is therefore peeling it's skin, because the skin is all red.

  2. That could very well be!! And a case of wind burn too because it's so close to the ocean.