Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Winter's First Howl...

The excitement surrounding the impending trip to Meh-hee-ko has Sandy all a-flutter. But before that happens, we need to take a trip to visit Gramma... which means a trip through the Rockies! Sandy's an old hand at this trip by now but this time... it was a little different!
 That looks like... fresh snow!!
Yep... definitely fresh snow!! Only a few inches of it but... there it is... and finally, Sandy feels at home again!
 (Picture of a very happy bear!)
 Sandy was so happy that he just rolled in the snow, and waved his arms and legs with excitement... wheeeee!!!!
 And look what he made!! A snow-angel-bear!!  He wonders if maybe Jerry and Ben make snow angels too?
 Sandy was ready to head for the hills and do some more exploring (and make more snow angels) but... this is a road trip so...
One last picture of the snow (to keep Sandy happy for a while) and... it's back in the truck...


  1. Well Sandy, you're certainly dressed right for snow pictures! We love the photo of you with your shadow, so cute!

  2. Thanks guys!! It was beary exciting to see snow again... even if it was just a skif of it... not quite enough for a snowball fight!