Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Sabba-tickle Talk (Part 1)

For the last couple of months (every since we moved out of the house) Sandy has been hearing whispered murmurings about a Zappa-tickle... Sabba-tickle... (Mama spells it... sabbatical)... Sandy has been blissfully oblivious to the conversation but today it was time to have "The Talk" with him. Here it goes...
 Sandy has heard that it's always better to be sitting down for "The Talk"... so he is ready and wants to hear about it... what is going on with this Sabba-tickle?
"Well Sandy... we are going to be traveling for a whole year"...
 Sandy is speechless... and a bit stunned (see that stunned look in his eyes?).... Sandy recovers enough to say... "need a hot chocolate... now!"....
 Hot chocolate in paw... Sandy is ready to hear more (or less). Mama has decided that it is best to break this to Sandy in small pieces... First up... "We are going to be traveling for a few weeks to a place called Meh-hee-ko"....
 Since pictures are worth a thousand words... Mama shows Sandy a travel book for Meh-hee-ko...
Hmmm... it looks kind of neat... sort of warm and sunny. Sandy wants to know what it is like there but Mama has never been there either...
 Oooh... there is water there... and ruins by the looks of it!! Lots of places for a little bear to climb and have many adventures!
There are white sand beaches and... wait a minute... Sandy looks thoughtful... hmmm...

Sandy thinks that his pals Jerry and Ben have been to Meh-hee-ko before!! He gets side-tracked and does a quick search on their blog... sure enough... they were in Puerto Vallarta for Christmas last year! They had some funky looking sombreros...

But... we are not going to Puerto Vallarta... we are going to the other side of Meh-hee-ko... to a place called the Yucatan Peninsula... Sandy is a tad disappointed because he thought that maybe he would meet Jerry & Ben down there!
 But he perks up again when he hears that the Yucatan has the Chicxulub Crater... the one that eliminated the dinosaurs (and pterodactyls!)... beary exciting!!

And then Sandy sees how far away the Yucatan is from home (see the blue drop)... a beary long ways away... and a lot farther south... it might be getting cooler up there but it will definitely be hotter down there!

This apparently is all a bit much for a little bear to take in... just when he was thnking he was well dressed for the seasons again... sigh... need more hot chocolate...
Sandy asks "what about the rest of the sabba-tickle year, Mama?"... the reply.... "We'll talk about that later! After Meh-hee-ko..."


  1. Ooh! We've been to the Yucatan too! It is beary beautiful! We hope that you have a good Sabba-tickle, we'll look forward to seeing all of your adventure! We know about Sabba-tickles too...Papa is going to take one in two years!

  2. I think it will be great fun! I am hoping to find a sombrero that fits over my furry hat... and I want to go zip-lining... and snorkeling!! Mama says snorkeling may be out of the question unless I can find one of those old diving suits with the big copper helmets... but then that wouldn't be snorkeling... that would be diving! sigh.

  3. Sounds like a grand adventure!
    Have fun!

  4. Gosh!!! There must be a lot of Zappa's to tickle if you're going for a whole year!!!!! Wonder why there's so many in Mee Hee Ko?? Maybe it's like the Loch Ness monster in Scotland?? Oh how exciting...!!

  5. @Sullivan - Thanks!

    @Beanie - Well... Mama says we're not spending the whole time in Meh-hee-ko... but there are those underground rivers and cenotes that haven't ever been fully explored. Who knows what creatures lurk in those depths!

  6. They sell little som-bear-o's in Mexico (hehe) that are perfect for little bears; Jerry is wearing one in our Mexico photos. Sandy needs one!

  7. Oh goodie!! Can't wait to get a som-bear-o.... Mama keeps mispronouncing that word... she needs to learn how to say it properly! (heh-heh!)

  8. Som Bear Oh's!! Oh gosh!! Oh hang on. Those are those big floppy hats aren't they!! I wonder if your fuzzy hat can be removed though??

  9. @Beanie - nooo... my hat can't be removed (pout)... but I'm hoping to find a som-bear-oh that is big enough to fit over everything!