Saturday, October 20, 2012

River Adventure

Today Sandy took a little walk on the rocks down by the river...
 It is beary pretty down here and the river is quite low.
 Sandy can scramble around the rocks and hide and pop out going "boo!" to unsuspecting humans.
 Of course, it makes a great spot for photographs as well...
But then Sandy sees something interesting sticking out of the rocks... what are those??
Big iron stakes with rings on the end! What are these?? Turns out they are anchoring points for the old river steamboats that used to go up and down the river in the olden-days... Cool!


  1. Hello, we haven't been sending comments for some time now, but we do read your posts! This week we are having our autmn holiday so I hope that G. Will have some time to help me post :-)! We really enjoy your posts Sandy, during these busy weeks of school we had they are our little escapes to nature! :-)

  2. The river looks very much like the big river where we live! We had steamboats too!

  3. @Hammie - That's OK! Mama says teachers have to write up report cards for their students... which takes a lot of time! I hope you get out for a grand adventure on your autumn holiday!

    @Jerry & Ben - Maybe some day I'll get to see your river!