Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Preparing a Salmon (not for the squeamish!)

(Seriously - not for the squeamish!!!)
Seeing the salmon on the lakeshore yesterday reminded Gramma that she has some salmon in the freezer. So she took one out to thaw...
 There it is... and it looks pretty thawed...
Did we mention that bears LOVE salmon? Sandy is in there like a dirty shirt, but he has strict instructions to keep his paws off of everything! He can supervise but that is about it.
It turns out this salmon was not gutted before it was frozen, which it should have been!! But Gramma received the salmon from someone else... so we are going to have to do the dirty work. Mama gutted it and got the head off and then Gramma took over.
It is a girl-fishie and has lots of salmon roe inside...
There, the worst of the mess is over... now Gramma is going to fillet the fish...
There we go, the salmon is all filleted!! We will have that for dinner later... but Sandy can't wait for later!!
So Gramma pulls some smoked salmon out of the fridge... yummy!!!

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