Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Spike

Well, it's time to head home which means a long car ride. Along the way, Sandy convinces Mama to stop at Craigellachie (what a name!!).
 This is where the Last Spike was driven on Canada's firs Transcontinental Railway - the CPR.
 The crews working their way East from Vancouver had a much harder time of it as they didn't even get out of BC before the crews working their way West met up with them! Guess it's easier laying rails on the prairies!
 There sure were a lot of people there back in 1885! Apparently the guy with the white beard hammering in the last spike bent the first spike he hit! They had to get a second one...
 A big memorial cairn marks the spot and has rocks from all of the Canadian provinces in its base.
 This rock is a bit different... it comes from Scotland!
 From the real Craigellachie - which is where the President of the CPR was from originally.
 The actual railway is now fenced off here... but right up above Sandy's head is a spike that is a different colour...
 It's not real gold - just painted that way - and it's not even the original spike (which was pulled out after the 1885 ceremony to prevent souvenir-snatchers from stealing it!.
 There is an old caboose here as well...
 Sandy is a bit of a risk taker and wanted to jump off the back of the caboose!
 Sandy would have made a good little trainer engineer... or conductor!
 Sandy's face is a little bit small to show up well here! But he wanted to give it a go with the hammer as well...
Oh, that is one heavy hammer! But Sandy gives it his best shot... He's going to have to do some working out if he wants to make a really good swing with this hammer!


  1. Did you manage to hammer a spike in Sandy? That hammer sure does look heavy, maybe if all your blog pals help out, we could hammer the spike, or better yet, let's all relax with honey and toast while one of the human companions tries to hammer the spike in! ha!

  2. I think that's an excellent idea! We can have tea with honey and toast an sit in the shade and let the humans do the hard work!

  3. Agreed! But let's not forget our sunglasses!

  4. And our movie director chairs too... because we are Stars!

    1. Oooh, yes, and little plates of cookies and big glasses of iced tea with little umbrellas in them to make us feel grown-up! Sandy should also have a megaphone to tell the human companions that they're doing a good job, but that lunch is not for another hour, so keep working.

    2. Us little bears are beary demanding aren't we!