Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ice Snow Crystals

Of course, no road trip through the Rockies would be complete without a stop at the Icefields...
And it is a gorgeous day for it too... bright blue sky... sun shining... and something reflecting the sun and blinding Sandy. What is that??? It looks like a pond but... not quite...
Ahhhh!!! It's a frozen pond!! Sandy remembers ice from last winter... if it's thick enough, little bears can actually walk on it! Sandy tests it out tentatively, sliding one foot out onto the ice and stomping a bit. It seems pretty solid. But there are these white fluffy things on the ice too - what are they? A little bear must investigate (of course!).
Sandy hasn't been on ice for a while so has forgotten that balance can be an issue! With a bit of wobbling and wind-milling of arms, he gets himself secure.
 Look, these things are snow crystals! How cool is that!
They are blades of crystals - beary pretty... but not sure how they formed... and soon they will melt in the sun. Sandy is lucky he saw them when he did

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