Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Home Again

Well, it's good to be home again - except home has changed quite a bit since Sandy left a few weeks ago!!
 The leaves aren't just yellow... they are falling off of the trees at an alarming rate!
 The yelllow leaves look so pretty...
 There are even some red ones... but not too many of those.
 Look at them all!
 In some places, there are so many leaves that you can hardly see the grass underneath! What is a little bear to do with that??
 Hello?? Where did Sandy go?? He was just here! And now he has disappeared!
 Oh wait... what is that?? Do you see something in that pile of leaves? It looks like a nose!
 "Boo!" cried Sandy popping out of the leaf pile (with a few leaves still sticking to his fur).
Sandy now knows what Jerry & Ben meant about playing in leaf piles. This is certainly a lot of fun!
They are so soft and pillowy... a little bear could just lie on his back all day and kick his feet in the leaf pile... Ahhhh...


  1. Oooh, what a great leaf pile, we'll be right over!!

  2. Oh you better hurry!! There are rumours of snow... and you know what that stuff does to leaves... ugh!

  3. Well, if there is snow, we can make forts and have snow ball fights! The bears in the green jackets and cool hats against the bear in the red jacket with a hood. Jerry (who wears the red jacket) doesn't think that is such a good idea, but he says as long as he gets another blog pal on his side, then it's ok.

  4. Snow ball fights??? Oh that sounds like a lot of fun! Red-jacketed bear... hmmm... I will keep my eyes open!! We wouldn't want Jerry to feel like we are ganging up on him... (go Green Team!!).