Saturday, October 13, 2012

Finally... some Maple Leaves

Sandy has been hearing lots from Jerry and Ben about how Canada is so lucky with the season of Fall because it  has all of those wonderfully coloured maple trees! Sandy has been on the hunt for maple trees at home but hasn't found a single one! But... Gramma's place is different... voila!
Maple trees!!! One that is still green... but the other one... ooohh...
 The other one is breath-taking...
Sandy feels like he is sitting in the midst of a fire... the colours are so intense... flaming reds and yellows and oranges!
He almost feels like he should be the Fall Sears Catalogue... modeling the new line of puffy winter coats!
 He could be a model... don't you think? He would have to work on his pout and this walkway strut... since smiling and toddling are probably not acceptable!
 And more leaves...
And some more... just because Sandy has been colour-starved in flat land!
They look so awesome against the blue sky!


  1. I love that tree! Makes me homesick for the trees in the west...not many interesting coloured trees where I live now! Just yellow and brown leaves and a lot of fog!