Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beary Spooky Halloween Contest

Halloween is coming up in a week... and in the spirit of the season, Sandy's pals, Jerry & Ben, are sponsoring their Second Beary Spooky Halloween Contest! Sandy deliberated for quite a while over what to wear... He thought maybe he could be the Invisible Bear!! With a bit of photo magic (courtesy of Mama) that might have worked... but the costume would be a bit hard to see! But then... Sandy had a bright idea... and with a bit of help from Mama and the tp rolls... we have...

The Beary Spooky Mummy!!

 Oh yes... roaming through the remains of the pumpkin patch...
 lurching forward with that typical mummy gait....
stalking through the wood pile, scaring squirrels and birds alike... until...
the Beary Spooky Mummy comes face-to-face with the garden mirror balls...
and the Mummy squinted a bit (it was a bit hard to see with all that wrapping)... could it be...
Oh my goodness!!! There was a mummy in the garden!!! A Beary Scary Spooky Mummy!!! Run for the hills!!
And so ends Sandy's Beary Spooky Mummy adventure - shuddering under the covers... perhaps next year Sandy will dress up as Paddington Bear!!

P.S. The results are in and Sandy won First Place in the Costume Contest (yay!!).


  1. OH!!! Oh my goodness, that's a very scarey Mummybear!!!!

  2. Wonderful photos! What a great mummy!

  3. Halloween results are posted! Treats are on their way!