Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another Scary Place

Sandy is keen for another adventure (Mama can hardly keep up)! This time, Sandy is checking out an old collection of cabins and shacks. They don't look too scary, do they?
 They actually look kind of cute set against the back-drop of the mountains and the blue sky.
 The insides are kind of yucky though. Sandy isn't going to get his boots dirty by exploring in there!
 Some of the cabins are tucked in amongst young trees that have grown up around them. The roofs are all caved in and there's no way a little bear is going to be allowed to go in there to explore!
Let's see... what else is there for a little bear to find?
 Oh here's another Fly Agaric mushroom...

And here is an interesting pile of black stuff with what looks like seeds in it... Hmmm... some big bear has been through here, but not recently!
What is that tucked in the grasses? It's beary hard to see it clearly from this angle...
Whoops! Sandy almost screamed with fright as something grabbed his legs and tripped him. It was just an old set of mattress springs, but still... a little bear could have a heart attack out here if he isn't careful!
Gulp!! It's an old truck! A haunted truck maybe? That would depend if it is named Christine or something!
Nope, it's only called Dodge... is that a tree growing in the engine compartment?
 Wow... the rest of it might be all rusted, but the chrome is standing up pretty well. Sandy can even see his reflection in it!
 This truck has obviously been here for a beary long time...
 It doesn't look drivable... that's for sure!
 Mama, thinks... based on the front grill and stuff that it is from the 1940s which means it is 70 years old... wow!
That was a beary cool place for a little bear to explore... a bit scary... but not really!


  1. Sandy you have the most interesting adventures! We think you should put them altogether in a book! Did you know that there is a hurricane named SANDY on the east coast of the U.S. Ben says he's sure that you're not related to it because "Our pal Sandy is way more nice!" hehe

  2. Not scary at all, well nearly stepping in the bear poo...a little scary!

    Great exploring Sandy, of some unknown's history.

  3. @Jerry & Ben - Great idea! Mama has been mulling over the idea of a book of my bestest adventures. I think I would have trouble picking those out!

    @Buttons - The bear poo was definitely scary... as was having some mattress springs grab my paws! Sometimes great adventures look like they're going to be scary... but really they aren't!

  4. G. told me that her history teacher used to tell the story of Christine the car when she had some time left when she finished her lesson :-) very glad it isn't this one!