Friday, October 12, 2012

A Foggy Morning

Sandy is enroute to Gramma's place which means a few stops along the way. This morning, he woke up to fog... thick, peasoup fog! Everything looks just a little more spooky than normal. The fog does not, however, stop a certain little bear from seeking out adventure... noooo... this is Sandy after all! So it is off to the river... because there might be some cool pictures down there.
There's not much to see of the river, other than the shore and some amorphous grey fog which blends very nicely with the water.
There are even some yellow leaves herel... which is beary nice, since back home most of them are all brown and on the ground.
It is beary quiet down by the river... one can almost hear a little bear breathe... And the bridge just seems to vanish into the mist.
It is very odd to see the fog and the water merging into one. Sandy begins to wonder what might be lurking in the mist... gulp!
Of course he gets distracted by some of the beauty down by the river (he is easily distracted after all)... and stops to take some reflection pictures...
But while he is standing there... he sees something else on the shore... hmmm...
That is an awfully big paw print!
A huge paw print in fact! This could be from a wolf... or a...a... a...  horror movie dog! Ooohhh... all this talk of Halloween and costumes and stuff has Sandy's imagination going full steam. This could be the track of... Cujo!! And just at that moment, from the fog comes a piercing cry... sort of like a squeaky gate creaking open... and...
Sandy is out of here!! As fast as his little legs can take him! Foggy mornings are a little scary for a bear with a wild imagination!

(it was just an eagle crying in the mist... but Sandy doesn't know that!)

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